About Me

About Me

Hello guys, My name is James Marker, and I Welcome all of you guys to my blog where I pen down all thoughts and questions that struck a chord in my mind when I thought of getting my hands on a Chinchilla a couple of years back. I have been raising chinchillas for over a decade. I spends hours on Internet and Social Media browsing Chinchillas and their breeds.

Be sure to keep these points in mind:

  • Many people treats Chinchillas like rabbits but they are entirely different.
  • Chinchillas body, digestive system designed to eat dried grasses (hay). Anything with sugar or too much moisture content can cause serious problems.
  • For special treats, they could have things like dried calendula, rose hips, Plain Cheerio, plain shredded mini wheat, a pinch of old-fashioned rolled oats no more than once or twice per week.