Can Chinchillas Eat Cabbage?

Can Chinchillas Eat Cabbage: This leafy green vegetable is not at all a staple part of a chinchilla diet. However, new chinchilla owners searches to know Can chinchillas eat cabbage or not with curiosity. So, here we have come up with some of the details. There are only a few vegetables we should feed to our Chinchillas and rest are excluded. Cabbage is one amongst them.

can chinchillas eat cabbage

Chinchillas needs a required amount of Hat daily as Hay is the essential part of our Chinchillas diet. We cal also serve a mix of 3-4 types of veggies in addition to the Hay based on the requirement but not daily. Because Chinchillas daily food is Hay and Water only. Pellets that are made with Hay can be given on regular basis. But as a chinchilla owner you should know what are the safe veggies for chinchillas. Can chinchillas eat cabbage? How much? Let’s Find Out!

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Can Chinchillas Eat Cabbage

No, Chinchillas cannot eat cabbage for sure. Even though Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin c & Vitamin K, which is a must for them they form acidic reactions. On the other hand, they are high in Calcium, and can also lead to bloating. So, we should not serve Cabbage to our chinchillas.

But as a curious chinchilla owner you might wonder how nutritious is cabbage for other small pets? Do they carry lots of nutritional value in them? How much cabbage should be served to a small rodent? I know there are a lot of questions boggling your mind right now but don’t worry, I have cleared all your queries in this article.

Cabbage Nutrition Value:

Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B9, and other vitamins which are not needed for healthy growth in the Chinchillas. Vitamin K plays a crucial role by helping in blood clot and prevents excessive bleeding. Even though these vitamins are essential for chinchillas in their growth, the acidic reactions causes intestine issues to your chubby pets.

Vitamin C36.6 mg/ 100 g
Vitamin A98 IU
Vitamin K76 mcg/ 100 g
Calcium40 mg/ 100 g
Phosphorous26 mg/ 100 g
Potassium170 mg/ 100 g
Fiber2.5 g/ 100 g
Sugar3.2 g/ 100 g
Protein1.28 g/ 100 g
Carbs5.8 g/ 100 g
Calories25 Kcal
Fat0.10 g/ 100 g
Water92.18 g/ 100 g

Is It Safe For Chinchillas To Eat Cabbage? Possible Risks With Cabbage?

No, Cabbage is completely a not safe for chinchillas until and unless we serve it in moderation. In fact, most of the leafy vegetables are not safe for chinchillas. Also, some of the high risks are involved due to overfeeding of the same.

Cabbage contains a lot of calcium in it. Calcium is good for the development of bones and teeth in young and nursing chinchillas but can be a more risk factor among chinchillas. Adult chinchillas are prone to bladder stones due to calcification if they eat a high calcium diet for an extended period. However, if we feed it in moderation, it can be beneficial for them as well. Another vital downside to consider with Cabbage is it can lead to bloating and diarrhea in chinchillas.

Most chinchilla owner neglects the fact that chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system and overfeeding or any drastic change in their diet can trigger digestive issues in them. Don’t ever introduce Cabbage to your chinchillas. Also, remember to introduce the veggies very slowly so that they don’t suffer from diarrhea.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage For Chinchillas Health?

Even there are some of the benefits with nutrition in the cabbage, serving cabbage to chinchillas is strictly avoided because of the acidic and chemical reactions.

How often can Chinchillas eat cabbage?

lthough cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, it mostly leads to a digestive issue in chinchillas. So, monitoring the feeding schedule is crucial here.

How much cabbage can Chinchilla eat?

As said earlier chinchillas are not given cabbage. When it comes to other veggies that are safe for chinchillas, they will crave for more but serving anything in excess can be bad its health. Also, the serving size might vary depending upon the age of your Chinchillas digestive capacity and age. While young Chinchillas can be served a little excess amount as well, the older Chinchillas should only be fed in moderation to avoid bladder stones in them.

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