Can Chinchillas Eat Grass? (Yes or No)

Can Chinchillas eat grass? Is it safe for them? I decided to do some research on my own and here is what I have learned. Chinchillas can eat grass provided it is fresh and free from chemicals. Don’t allow your Chinchillas to eat grass mowed by a lawnmower. Also, if you haven’t fed grass earlier, start by serving a small quantity, so your Chinchillas digestive system gets adjusted to it. Also, You must make sure that the grass is not treated with any chemicals, as it can be toxic to your Chinchillas.

can chinchillas eat grass

Try not to feed grass from anywhere else except your organic yard. Feeding grass from the outside yard is not a good idea as outdoor grass may contain chemicals. Many other pets must have used it, and while using, they may have urinated on the lawn. If we feed such grass to your Chinchilla, it can cause many health problems. You can serve grass from your own organic yard as it gives many benefits to your Chinchilla. Let us learn more about it.

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Can Chinchillas Eat Grass?

Yes, Chinchillas can eat grass from your yard, but you must consider that it is fresh and does not contain any chemicals. Always use scissors to cut grass for your Chinchilla and avoid using a lawnmower as it undergoes fermentation. You can also grow grass and other plants indoor for your Chinchillas.

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Is grass bad for our Chinchillas?

The grass is a great snack for our Chinchilla. Chinchillas love to munch on fresh grass and it has many benefits for them as well. However, if you don’t serve it right it can get your Chinchillas into some trouble.


If you feed grass from the outside yard, it can be harmful to our Chinchillas. It may contain certain chemicals that can be toxic for our Chinchillas and can also risk the life of Chinchillas.

Carelessness in serving grass to your Chinchilla can even risk its life. Remember not to serve grass in excessive quantities if your Chinchilla is not familiar to the green. You can start by serving small. Once it becomes familiar and starts liking it, then you can serve it how much they want to eat with no sort of worries. Still, your Chinchilla can face some unwanted situations if you show any carelessness while preparing grass for your cavies.

How often can Chinchillas eat grass?

If your Chinchilla does not have any allergic reaction, then you can feed grass every day to your Chinchilla as it is not harmful.

Can Chinchillas Eat Bluegrass?

Yes it is fine for them to eat, they will enjoy it very much.

How much grass can we feed to our Chinchillas?

You can feed them as much they like. Yes, you can serve grass in the right quantity as it contains a moderate amount of Vitamin C and many other essential nutritional requirements. Grass has moderate amount of nutrients but very low fiber in it. It would be best if you remembered that fresh hay should hold a significant portion of their diet as it is packed with fiber, and Chinchillas are mostly dependent upon a high fiber diet. You can also serve grass with some veggies to balance the nutrition requirement.

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