Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone?

Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone: So you want a Chinchilla pet, but then you are confused about whether you should get one, a pair of Chinchillas or more? Many pet shops have single Chinchillas, and they are more than happy to sell you an individual Chinchilla pet but can a solitary Chinchilla live happily? If you come to visit a breeder or a rescue, then they will incline you to have at least two of them, if not more. So now you must be confused about whether you should get a single Chinchilla or more? And if you happen to get a Chinchilla for any reason, will you be able to keep it happy? Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone? Let’s find out the truth.

can chinchillas stay home alone

As a general rule, Chinchillas can live alone, but experts recommend keeping them in a group of 2 or more. Being social animals, they need someone of their own kind to interact and play with. In the absence of the same, they may get depressed and suffer from health issues as well. Although you must remember that it may differ according to the personality of the Chinchilla pet you own. Now many people will have a different opinion on the same. While some would say that it is cruel to have a single Chinchilla, others say they had one for years, and it worked out all good. What should you do?

Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone:

It is ok to have one Chinchilla, but it is best to go with a pair or more. Chinchilla pet shows abnormal behavior if left alone. If you have enough time to dedicate to your Chinchilla, interact and play with them, then you shall do just fine with a single Chinchilla pet. Else it is best to get a pair. From what I have experienced is it totally depends upon the personality and temperament of the Chinchilla. While some Chinchillas like to live solitarily while others need company, I recommend that you go with more than one Chinchilla.

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Do Chinchillas get lonely?

Yes, sometimes Chinchillas may experience loneliness. Chinchillas are social animals, and they thrive in a group of 3-5 or even more. Having a single Chinchilla is okay but not the best decision always. If you have a boar or even sow who has been living solitary for a while and doesn’t enjoy having a cage mate, they might be happy living alone provided you give them all essential needs right from food, water, toys, etc. and interaction daily.

Some Chinchillas are aggressive and will not get along with other cage-mates, so we might have to keep them alone in such cases.

Signs your Chinchilla is lonely

Chinchillas are social animals, and they can get lonely if kept single for a long time. Although some Chinchillas enjoy living alone, others don’t. If you happen to have a single Chinchilla, then you must watch out for these signs of loneliness in your Chinchilla:

  • Loss of appetite in Chinchilla
  • Chinchilla sleeping a lot
  • Chinchilla biting the cage
  • Chinchilla trying to escape through the cage
  • Chinchilla showing an aggressive behavior
  • Lethargic, hiding in the hideouts all the time.

If you see any signs of Chinchilla loneliness, then taking your Chinchilla to the rescue and finding a perfect partner for your Chinchilla is really important.

Conversing With Your Chinchilla

Conversing with your Chinchilla is also an important aspect that you need to consider. Chinchillas are social animals, and they crave for some interaction daily. Even though you cannot understand what your Chinchilla is saying, we can surely learn to decipher their sounds and body language to understand them better. This is something that most Chinchilla owners overlook, but it plays a vital role if you have a single Chinchilla pet.

How Long Can You Leave Your Chinchilla Alone at Home?

There might have been some instances when school or some business work, makes you travel somewhere for a day or two or even more. So, as a concerned Chinchilla owner, you might be wondering what you should do with your Chinchillas? How long can you leave your Chinchilla alone? A day, a weekend, or even more?

You should never leave your Chinchilla unattended for more than 24 hours. If you have to leave them alone when traveling, you might need to ensure they have more than enough food, multiple sources of water, and plenty of green veggies to last a day. Else, hire someone to look after them.

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