chinchilla fur changing color

Chinchilla Fur Changing Color: Reasons Are Here

Chinchilla Fur Changing Color: Many owners have observed the color changes in the fur of their Chinchillas. The color of their coat might change several times a…

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Best Chinchilla Carriers – 2022 Top 5 Picks

Best Chinchilla Carriers: For transporting Chinchilla to the vet or for air travel, the best Chinchilla carriers are a must. Chinchilla carriers should be sturdy yet comfortable…

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Why Is My Chinchilla Not Playing

Why Is My Chinchilla Not Playing?

Why Is My Chinchilla Not Playing: Playing with your cute Chinchillas will always strengthen your bond with them. Chinchillas always enjoy playing with toys and as well…

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Can Chinchillas Get Depressed

Can Chinchillas Get Depressed: Signs Of Depression

Can Chinchillas Get Depressed: Chinchillas are such a cheerful and happy pets. However, most people often don’t realize that even Chinchillas have emotions, and even they can…

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why do chinchillas need dust baths

Why Do Chinchillas Need Dust Baths?

Why Do Chinchillas Need Dust Baths: Keeping our pets clean and healthy is our topmost priority. People often think that bathing our pets is essential to keep them…

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can chinchillas stay home alone

Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone?

Can Chinchillas Stay Home Alone: So you want a Chinchilla pet, but then you are confused about whether you should get one, a pair of Chinchillas or…

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Chinchilla Skin Staph Infection Cure

Chinchilla Skin Staph Infection: Treatment and Causes

Chinchilla Skin Staph Infection: Skin Staph infection is caused by staphylococcus aureus, a Gram-positive round-shaped bacterium, a member of the Firmicutes. Although most staph infections are not that…

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chinchilla grooming

Chinchilla Grooming: Everything You Need To Know

Chinchilla Grooming: Chinchillas are as tidy as you keep them. Yes, that’s absolutely true. You might notice a little smell from their cage after a few days…

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Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed

Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed: (Care, Diet, Cost, & More)

Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed: The Fluffy chinchilla is one of the most popular chinchilla breeds out there, and for a good reason. These short-haired chinchilla breed energetic…

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Chinchilla Fur Slip

Chinchilla Fur Slip: Hair Loss Issues

Chinchilla Fur Slip: Hair loss is one of the most common concerns among a lot of chinchilla owners. Often chinchilla owners wonder why is their chinchillas missing…

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