Chinchilla Lifespan: How Long Do Chinchillas Live As Pets?

Chinchilla Lifespan: Getting a pet for yourself is an extraordinary commitment for all of us. And when we think of getting into one such commitment, we want to know on the first hand that how long will the responsibility be for? So a few years earlier, when I was on the same threshold.

chinchilla lifespan

I was thinking of getting myself a Chinchilla and was wondering how long do Chinchilla live as pets? And here is what I found out. On average, a Chinchilla can live anywhere between 8 to 10 years. But some chinchilla lifespan even recorded residing for more than ten years. Factors like the care you provide to your pet, Living environment, Breed and genetics affect the lifespan of Chinchilla pets.

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Chinchilla Lifespan: How Long Do Chinchillas Live As Pets?

Chinchillas are hardy creatures that can live for a long time, even in some harsh situations. But in captivity, they are entirely dependent on us for their well being. How long will our Chinchillas live will ultimately depend on us. It is our responsibility to take care of our Chinchillas and provide them with the best of everything so that it can live a long and healthy chinchilla lifespan.

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Chinchilla Lifespan

Chinchillas usually have a longer lifespan as compared to other rodents. While other small rodents like mice, hamster life for an average of 1-3 years, A Chinchilla pet can usually live an average of 5-7 years with proper care. Chinchillas have been even recorded to live for more than a decade, but that’s a rare view to be seen. Having a Chinchilla as a pet binds you in the commitment, which is generally going to last for more than 6-8 years, at least.

So you must be well prepared for the same. It would be best if you kept in consideration that to take care of your chinchilla lifespan as they are going to need fresh food and water every day along with the daily maintenance. If this looks like a lot of commitment to you guys, then you better look into considering other pets like hamster, mice, etc. which tends to live shorter.

What is the life expectancy of Chinchillas living in captivity?

If we can provide our Chinchilla with the right care and fulfill all their basic needs, then these furry little companions can last you for eight years too. Although some species of Chinchilla live longer than the other one, genetics is another factor that affects its chinchilla lifespan. Here are some of the common breeds of Chinchillas along with their average chinchilla lifespan in captivity:

Chinchilla BreedsChinchilla lifespan (Avg)
Short-Tailed Chinchilla8-10 Years
White Chinchillas8-10 Years
Black Chinchillas8-10 Years
Purple Chinchilla8-10 Years
Beige Chinchilla8-10 Years
Brown Chinchilla (Popular)10-12 years
Grey Chinchilla (Popular)10-12 years
Pink Chinchilla6-7 Years
Fluffy Chinchilla6-8 Years
Long-tailed chinchilla10-12 years

How long do Chinchillas live in the wild?

In wild Chinchillas usually have a shorter chinchilla lifespan as compared to the captive breed. They typically live for around four years. But why is there so much difference? The Chinchilla we buy today is all captive-bred. They were bred in such a way that their genetics differ a lot from the wild ones. You will not find the species we keep at home in the wild. This is the primary reason why chinchilla lifespan in the wild have a shorter lifespan.

Does the chinchilla lifespan depends on its breed?

Yes, The breed of a Chinchilla is a deciding factor of their lifespan. According to studies carried out by different Institutions, the hairless Chinchillas and other exotic breeds of Chinchillas live a shorter life as compared to others. Chinchillas breed like short-tailed chinchilla, white chinchilla, pink chinchilla, long-tailed chinchilla often have a shorter lifespan as compared to long tailed, brown and Grey chinchillas, The modified genes among them make them more susceptible to diseases, which often leads to cutting short of their lifespan. They also have a low immunity power as compared to others, so they need to be paid more attention to.

Do male Chinchilla live longer than female Chinchilla Pets?

Some studies do claim that a male Chinchillas enjoys a longer lifespan as compared to females. Now, this usually depends upon a lot of factors like the breed, how well they are taken care of, genetics, etc. Studies do claim that a female who is bred more often have a shorter lifespan. This is mainly due to a few reasons the proper care of the diet and living condition was not taken care of during and after pregnancy.

How can you tell how old your Chinchilla is?

It is really tough to determine the exact chinchilla lifespan until and unless you have bred them by yourself. In general, determining the age of the Chinchilla could be a tough nut to crack. But I have got a few tricks up my sleeves to help you out.

  • Nails: Chinchilla pets have short and pointed nails. The chinchilla lifespan can be known when their nails tend to grow longer, thicker, and rounder in diameter. They will also have transparent nails at a very young age, which are typical to get tinted yellowish when they grow about one year or more.
  • Toes: The chinchilla lifespan can be known when its toes tend to roll. This roll usually starts from the front toes and ends up inward at the back or larger toes. The toes tend to end up twisted to the outside of the feet and may even thicken in the process.
  • Teeth: A young Chinchilla is usually born with a small set of teeth that are white in color and small. The chinchilla lifespan can be known when the teeth will start getting yellow, and somewhat have ridges and sometimes even breaks partially

How can we help our Chinchilla live longer?

Now, I know that by now, you have learned that Chinchillas live for quite a long time. But what does that entails to you as the pet owner? Is the care of a Chinchilla really that difficult? How can we make it easier on yourself and your pet snake? How can we provide them with the best of their needs and help them live a healthy life?

Don’t worry, I have learned a lot about them, and I am here to share my experience with you all. There are a lot of things to take care of besides the feeding schedule and cleaning schedules when you get yourself a Chinchilla pets. You will need a Large cage, Proper diet, toys, etc. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what you need to do to ensure your Chinchilla a healthy long life.

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