Chinchilla Popcorning Or Jumping: A Complete Guide

Chinchilla Popcorning Or Jumping: So today, we are here to learn about Chinchilla popcorning. Yes, you heard me right. It has nothing to do with feeding popcorns to your Chinchillas. In fact, it’s an act that most Chinchilla pets do when they are thrilled or excited or feeling happy and relaxed. But why is it called Chinchilla popcorning? (Believe me, when it first happened with my Chinchilla, I was frightened as hell) Let’s find out what exactly is chinchilla Jumping act. What does Chinchilla popcorning mean?

Chinchilla Popcorning

Chinchilla popcorning means crazy jumps of chinchillas into the air, which your Chinchillas make out of nowhere when they are excited. It is mostly seen in younger Chinchilla as compared to the older ones. This act in chinchillas closely resembles a Corn kernel popping out, so it was named popcorning. Trust me, when I first saw this chinchilla act, I thought my Chinchilla had some seizure attack, and I was terrified to the core, but then suddenly, it stopped in a while, and my pet was walking around normally.

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Chinchilla Popcorning Or Jumping: How do Chinchilla popcorn?

Whenever our Chinchilla get extremely happy & excited, they start having quick little jumps in excitement, referred to as popcorning. While some Chinchilla starts jumping straight, on walls and others jump sideways, and some even start running laps and jumping in the middle. Thus there is no exact pattern in which it happens. Also, it is nearly impossible to predict when your chinchilla will start popcorning. This act is normal amongst the most happiest chinchillas.

What is the difference between Chinchilla popcorning and Chinchillas having seizures?

If your Chinchilla has a seizure attack, they fall on a side, their body will start twitching, and they will make some painful cry. It is not the actual seizure but looks exactly like one. In reality, it is caused due to a skin parasite called Chinchilla mange. The seizure-like behavior is triggered due to the extreme itching sensation caused by the parasite. Also, it might last a lot longer as compared to popcorning.

However, if your Chinchilla is popcorning, they will purr or squeak out of excitement and start taking short leaps in the air. It will continue for sometime before they get back to their normal state.

How often do Chinchilla popcorn?

Chinchillas do popcorn a lot more when they are young as compared to when they get older. My Chinchillas did popcorn a lot from what I have experienced until they were one year old. Later, the frequency did go down, but they still do popcorn once in a while, especially when they know their veggies or treat are coming. There is no limit or counting specified that your Chinchilla will popcorn this number of times. It’s a natural behavior and can depend on the situation.

Why do Chinchillas popcorn?

Chinchillas can popcorn when they are delighted & excited or when they are in fear. In most cases, joy is the reason that sets them off; however, sometimes, they do popcorn out of fear also. You need to pay attention to find out the reason for your Chinchillas popcorning. If it happens to be out of fear, they find the cause and get it removed. But if it is out of happiness, then enjoy the act until you can. There can be many things happening around, which can trigger the popcorning among your Chinchilla pets. Maybe you got their favorite treat out of the fridge, Or perhaps it’s just dinner time?

A new toy or even a rotation of toy in their cage can be the cause. Maybe you got a larger enclosure for them or fresh and new bedding? Possibly new hiding or a piece of new furniture in the cage to explore. Even some extra floor time can do the trick sometimes. Also, a good quality fresh feed can be the culprits sometimes. You got it right! Whatever might be the case, it is amusing to watch your Chinchilla popcorning.

Can Chinchillas control popcorning?

Yes, Chinchillas can control popcorning. In fact, most of the time, popcorning is attached to an emotion that can be triggered for various reasons. Like, when you get them their favorite veggies or get them a new toy or a treat, then they may start popcorning out of happiness. Some of my Chinchillas get excited whenever I reach out to the fridge for the bags of veggies. As they know it is coming, they start popcorning out of happiness. However, there are times when popcorning can be involuntary. Sometimes when Chinchillas get frightened by an event, then even that can lead to popcorning. Like one of my Chinchillas was afraid during a storm outside, maybe due to the sound of it. Even that triggered the action in them.

Is Chinchilla popcorning good?

Yes, Chinchilla popcorning is a sign of a happy & excited Chinchilla. If your Chinchilla popcorn a lot, then that indicates they are pleased and comfortable out there. Some people also consider that popcorning is the way of releasing stress, which means they are stressed out; however, the situation and the act don’t validate the reasoning.

In some instances, popcorning can be a sign of fear or overstimulation. For example, if your Chinchilla starts popcorning by the sound of a vacuum cleaner or blender or something, then it might be due to fear. It would be best to watch out for the physical signs like frightful shrieking sound, wide-open eyes, running for hiding, etc. although these are an infrequent occurrence in most Chinchillas.

At what age do Chinchillas stop popcorning?

There is no exact age when Chinchillas tend to stop popcorning. One of my Chinchillas is four years old, still popcorns when I get some strawberry for him.

It’s just that Chinchillas popcorn often when they are young. As they grow older, the tendency of popcorning goes down significantly. But that doesn’t mean that older Chinchillas are not happy. Young Chinchillas are active, full of energy, and thus they release the same by popcorning. However, as they grow old, their body gets bulkier, and therefore they tend to popcorn less frequently.

How do I make my Chinchilla popcorn?

There is a lot of factors that can trigger popcorning in Chinchillas. As you already know by now that they popcorn when they are happy or excited. So, as you create a deeper bond with your Chinchilla pet and learn more about what they like and what they don’t, you might move a step closer to identify the ways to make your Chinchilla popcorn. However, today, I am going to share some of the reasons which I have seen that triggers them to popcorn. So, let’s check it out:

There is a lot of factors that can trigger popcorning in Chinchillas. As you already know by now that they popcorn when they are happy or excited. So, as you create a deeper bond with your Chinchilla and learn more about what they like and what they don’t, you might move a step closer to identify the ways to make your Chinchilla popcorn. However, today, I am going to share some of the reasons which I have seen that triggers them to popcorn. So, let’s check it out:

  • Chinchillas love toys. If you could get a new toy like a ladder, hiding, hammock, or anything that they like, they may watch them popcorning like crazy. Sometimes just replacing or rotation toys and change in their cage setup can trigger the popcorning in them.
  • Getting your Chinchilla out of the cage for some floortime is another excellent way to trigger popcorning in them.
  • Chinchillas are curious animals, and they love to explore around. So, might be you can make them popcorn by giving some extra floor time every week.
  • If you take care of all the basic needs of your Chinchillas like quality hay, good bedding, and a reasonably large cage, then you might see your Chinchilla popcorning out of excitement now and then. As they have ample area to play and remain active, they release their enthusiasm by popcorning.
  • Cleaning the cage and replacing the bedding can be one reason that triggers popcorning in your Chinchilla pets.
  • Chinchillas love fresh linen. (who doesn’t like a fresh and clean bed for themselves) and they sometimes just changing the bedding can do the trick for you.
  • So, I hope you have learned some of the great ways to make your Chinchilla popcorn. I am sure you have already tried a few of that stuff and have everything perfect for your Chinchilla. However, if you still want to check out some of my recommended toys, which my Chinchilla love and enjoy playing with, check out my recommendation: Toys are essential to keep our Chinchilla mentally and physically stimulated, happy, and boredom-free. I personally love these amazing toy set that is sturdy and safe for them.

Why does my Chinchilla keep popcorning all the time?

Chinchillas usually popcorns when they are happy. So, if your Chinchilla is pleased & excited by the care and treats they get, they may popcorn very often.

Sometimes they do get frightened and popcorn unusually. If they are doing so, then finding the cause of the same and taking care of it might be the right step to take. If you are unsure about the behavior visiting a vet might also be helpful.

Do Chinchillas popcorn when angry?

No, Chinchillas don’t popcorn when they are angry. Popcorning is a behavior triggered by excitement or overstimulation, which comes out of being delighted or frightened.

Do Chinchillas popcorn when scared?

Yes, Chinchillas do popcorn when they get scared of something as they get overstimulated, leading to popcorning in them. However, it is a rare occurrence in most scenarios; they are popcorning out of excitement only.

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