Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels (Ramps, Tubes, Etc.)

Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels: Being a member of the rodent family you must be considering chinchillas as a good climber as well. But are chinchillas good at climbing? Can your furry little friend climb ramps or even cages? I did some research, and here is what I found out!

do chinchillas like tunnels

Can Chinchillas climb? Yes, chinchillas can climb small steps, tunnels, ramps, and tubes. chinchillas have a long, broad body with short limbs. The hind legs support most of their weight and provide smooth mobility to them. As compared to other rodents, chinchillas front legs are not strong enough to grip on all types of surfaces which makes climbing a little challenging for them.

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Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels?

Yes, chinchillas like to have tunnels and tubes in their cages and moreover they are good climbers but not definitely the best one out there. They can climb short steps, stairs, tunnels, and even ramps, although they need a mild slope to climb up and down.

chinchillas can climb higher surfaces so they can watch the surrounding environment. This is quite a natural behavior as you can expect from any animal in the wild. Although it might depend upon chinchillas personality. While some are curious and love to explore others prefer to live and roam around in flat surface only. They can climb short inclines to reach the higher surface. They even love to jump above their cage-mates from higher surfaces, just for fun.

How high can chinchillas climb?

Chinchillass can climb up on small steps and ladders pretty quickly. They can reach pretty high spaces using the same, although they cannot jump or climb on cages or bars, which is more than 18 inches tall.

The maximum height a chinchilla can reach by jumping or stepping up is 12 inches. Although we have heard of some piggies going way beyond that but it is a pretty rare case.

Can chinchillas climb out of their cages?

If you have a pretty standard chinchillas cage or even a C&C cage, then the chances of your chinchillas climbing out of the enclosure are pretty low. chinchillas can climb a maximum of a foot or so, and most cages walls are higher than that mark. So, even if your chinchilla tries to escape the cage, (which will rarely be the case if we care for them well), there will be no possibility to do so.

Although if you have steps or cage arrangement(toys, hidings) in such a way that they can climb and reach a higher point, then they may have a small chance of escape. But there is a low possibility of the same as their anatomy doesn’t allow them for such adventure.

Can chinchillas use Tubes?

Yes chinchillas like tubes to hide inside them. They are good at hideout games and mostly like to have tubes, tunnels and other hideouts in their enclosures.

Can chinchilla live in multi-level cages?

Yes, chinchillas can live on multi-level cages, but the level should not be too high that they may fall and hurt themselves. Some chinchillas are more agile than others. Thus they can climb on different levels pretty quickly while others may have a tough time doing so.

In general, it is recommended to have a flat, large cage for your chinchillas. However, if you are creative, you can design some multi-level C&C enclosure by yourself. Just make sure that the chances of your chinchillas falling and hurting themselves are pretty low.

Can Chinchillas Climb On ramps and Tunnels?

Yes, chinchillas can climb on-ramps and Tunnels, but not all chinchillas are excited about the same. In fact, some chinchillas will totally avoid using one.

As we had discussed earlier, some chinchillas are more agile than others, and so some will be curious and will explore the cage while others prefer staying at a flat surface. The setup of the ramp is also a deciding factor whether your chinchilla will use the same or not. If the slope is too steep or not wide enough, then chinchillas might be scared in using the same. chinchillas cannot grip on steep surfaces, so having a steep ramp will prohibit them from using the same.

How wide should a chinchilla ramp be?

Most experts recommend the size of the ramp should be a minimum of 14 inches while the width should be at least 6 inches although you can make it wider if you have large enough space to do so. Having a wider ramps makes it pretty easy for chinchillas to climb up and down without the fear of falling.

How steep can a chinchilla ramp be?

The steepness of a chinchilla ramp can be anywhere between 20-40 degrees. Anything steeper than that can lead to your chinchilla not using the same. Try to keep the angle of the ramp as low as possible. This will ensure your chinchilla is not hesitant in using the same. Long and small angled ramps are preferred over short and steep inclines, so, if you have the space for the same then go for a longer ramp with least slope.

How to make chinchilla Tunnels and Tubes safe for them?

Making a safe Tunnels for your chinchilla is crucial. Here are some essential tips you can use to create a safe Tunnels for your chinchilla:

  • Use natural material which is not harmful to chinchilla
  • Made with anti-pill fleece fabric, making this the comfiest tube for your pet and durable!
  • The fleece is machine washable as well as able to be dried on a low heat setting.
  • This allows you to get the most use out of your tube cover
  • Cuddle tubes give pets a place to hide, sleep, play, and chill. It’s very rare that my chinchilla isn’t in his tube! All equipment needed to mount the tube is included.


Are chinchillas scared of heights?

Yes, some chinchillas are scared of height while other’s are not. Most chinchillas prefer a flat, open space and will avoid getting too high as they don’t feel secure. However, some chinchillas are curious and will enjoy climbing some top surfaces.

Can chinchillas go up and down ramps?

Yes, chinchillas can go up, and downs on-ramps provided the ramp is made up of sturdy material, is fixed properly, and should have a low inclination and excellent grip. If your slope is made and placed according to these needs, then your chinchilla should have no trouble using the same.

Are ramps bad for chinchilla?

No, ramps are not bad for them. In fact, once your chinchillas get used to the ramp, they will enjoy using it more often than you might think of.

Can chinchillas Climb Stairs?

Yes, chinchillas can climb stairs provided the steps are low enough, and the surface has some grip on it. Carpet covered stairs are an excellent example of the same.

Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels?

Yes, chinchillas can climb on tubes provided it is placed at an angle of 20-40 degrees. Anything larger than that can be a trouble for your chinchillas.

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