Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed: (Care, Diet, Cost, & More)

Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed: The Fluffy chinchilla is one of the most popular chinchilla breeds out there, and for a good reason. These short-haired chinchilla breed energetic and friendly yet very easy to take care of. As their name suggests, fluffy chinchilla pets are soft and fluffy, just like a Teddy. They are known for their sweet, friendly, and cuddly nature, which makes them one of the best breeds for children.

Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Breed

The fluffy chinchilla pets are available in two different variants. One with a soft coat while the other has a rough coat. The rough coat is more readily available than the soft coat ones; however, they make an excellent pet.

Fluffy Chinchilla Breed: (Care, Diet, Cost, & More)

If you are looking forward to learning more about Fluffy Chinchilla pets, right from the Origin, Appearance, Diet, Care, and much more, then read this article till the end, and I shall ensure you know everything about them in detail.

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Fluffy Chinchilla Pet Origin

These rodents originate in the Andes mountains in South America, so the thick chinchilla fur helps them survive in the harsh climate of altitudes up to 16.400ft. The Fluffy Chinchilla pets were first discovered in the recent times only. Fluffy Chinchilla breeds were discovered as a result of genetic mutation. Since Fluffy Chinchillas are often used for experiments, the breed was likely the result of the same. In the Fluffy Chinchillas case, the genetic variation is likely to have occurred by cross-breeding.

As a result, we have a Fluffy Chinchilla with thicker and coarse fur with fluffy face. Still, the other body structure and appearance are similar to a chinchilla. The genetic mutation between the two breeds seems to affect only their physical appearance while the Fluffy Chinchillas health and mental condition remain sound. Although many experts argue that the genetic mutation does severely affect Fluffy Chinchillas health and lifespan, there is no concrete proof to back the claim.

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Physical Appearance Of Fluffy Chinchilla

Fluffy Chinchilla pets have a distinct appearance that can be easily recognized. They have a rough dense, and short coat covering their entire body. The coat is quite short and doesn’t even have any rosette as other common Fluffy Chinchilla breeds have. Many people often get confused between an Fluffy Chinchilla and mosaic due to their similar body structure. However, they can be easily distinguished by their coat.

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Fluffy Chinchilla Size

How big does a Fluffy Chinchilla pet get? A Fluffy Chinchilla can grow up to 14 inches in length. However, the growth might depend upon the care and diet provided to them. Let us have a look at their growth rate:

AgeAt Birth8 weeks16 weeksMaturity
Growth Rate4-6 inches
6-8 inches
8-10 inches
10-14 inches

As you can check it out, Fluffy Chinchilla pets are usually 4-6 inches(8-12cm) at the time of birth. The Average Litter size is 4-6. The size of the Fluffy Chinchillas at the time of delivery might vary depending upon the litter size. Fluffy Chinchillas usually grow at a lightning-fast pace during the first few weeks. They can grow up to 6-8 inches(15-20cm) just in the first eight weeks of birth. After the initial week, the growth rate slackens down, and they grow another few inches reaching up to 8-10 inches(20-26cm) at the end of 16 weeks. Moving ahead, they continue to grow at a languid pace reaching the mark of 10-14 inches(26-34cm) till they reach the maturity point.

However, the size might vary depending upon the gender you own. In most cases, The male Fluffy Chinchilla pets tend to grow larger as compared to female Fluffy Chinchillas.

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Fluffy Chinchilla Weight

How much does a Fluffy Chinchilla weigh? A Fluffy Chinchilla can weigh anywhere between 1000-1400 grams, while the females are smaller than males and weigh anywhere between 850-1200 grams. A male Fluffy Chinchilla can weigh anywhere between 1000-1400 grams. However, just like any other pet animal, the weight might differ depending upon a lot of factors.

Fluffy Chinchilla WeightNew Born8 WeeksMaturity
Male90-140 grams400-600 grams1000-1400 grams
Female70-110 grams420-500 grams850-1200 grams

A newborn Fluffy Chinchilla pet can weigh anywhere between 70-110 grams depending upon its gender and litter size. The Fluffy Chinchillas weigh increases quickly as they grow large during their first eight weeks. At this point, they can weigh anywhere between 420-550 grams. The male seems to weigh more and move ahead, and you can quickly tell the difference in size and weigh between the two. After the quick growth phase, the growth rate of Fluffy Chinchillas slackens quite a bit. They will continue to add on to their weigh until they reach the maturity mark, where they might weigh anywhere in between 850-1400 grams.

The male will remain on the heavier side, but this might not be the case always. It is crucial to keep track of your Fluffy Chinchillas weight on a regular interval and make sure they are healthy. Underweight or Overweight can be a sign of some health issues in Fluffy Chinchillas. You can use a weight scale to weigh your Fluffy Chinchillas regularly.

Fluffy Chinchillas Pet Color

The color of Fluffy Chinchilla pets might vary widely. Right from solid colors, pattern, Roans to Tri-color, they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Fluffy Chinchillas are available in various colors right from White, Black, Brown, Grey, Chestnut, Golden, and many more. You might also find some with a mix of White-brown, Black and White, etc. They are also available in various patterns, so you will definitely find one for your liking.

Fluffy Chinchilla Lifespan

What is the average lifespan of a Fluffy Chinchilla pet? The average lifespan of a Fluffy Chinchilla is anywhere between 4-5 years. However, they have been reported to live up to 8 years under ideal circumstances. If you want to learn more about the lifespan of Fluffy Chinchillas and how you can improve the same, I recommend you to read our article: Fluffy Chinchilla Lifespan and Ways to improve it.

Fluffy Chinchilla Behavior

Fluffy Chinchillas are the Active, Social, Curious, and most Fun loving Chinchilla breed out there. They are social with other cage mates as well as human companions. Fluffy Chinchilla pets like to be gently handled and petted. They also enjoy some cuddling, which makes them popular among children. Fluffy Chinchillas are also pretty smart and active. If you are enthusiastic and train your Fluffy Chinchillas well, then they might learn a few tricks and commands. They are also extroverted and energetic, which makes them a popular choice. However, just like human beings, every Fluffy Chinchilla have a distinct personality. While the nature of one might totally be different from the other, Fluffy Chinchilla do share these traits.

Are Fluffy Chinchillas friendly?

Fluffy Chinchilla are definitely one of the most social and friendly breeds of Fluffy Chinchillas available out there. This breed’s calm and extrovert nature makes them one of the best choices, even for children.

Although their character may differ from one Fluffy Chinchilla to another in general, the Fluffy Chinchilla carries a calm and friendly temperament.

Care Of Fluffy Chinchilla

Fluffy Chinchillas are one such breed that is really easy to take care of. If you could take care of some basic stuff like Diet, Habitat, and other basic needs, then you are good to go. The grooming requirement of a Fluffy Chinchilla is also fundamental.

As they have dense short hair, just regular brushing can help them keep them in good shape once in a while. Let us check out some of the essential care requirement of Fluffy Chinchillas:

Diet Of Fluffy Chinchilla:

What do Fluffy Chinchillas eat? The Fluffy Chinchillas also have simple dietary needs, just like other Fluffy Chinchilla breeds. Hay is the staple part of their diet, contributing 80% of their nutritional requirement. While fresh veggies and pellets provide 15% and 5%, respectively, apart from these, you should also feed some occasional treats and fruits to spice things up in their diet.

Fresh Hay

Fresh hay is the staple part of the teddy Fluffy Chinchilla diet. Their diet should mostly contain fresh Timothy hay only. Hay provides Fluffy Chinchillas with essential calories and fiber, which is required by their body daily.

It is recommended to serve timothy hay only as it balances nutrients, fat, and protein needed by the Fluffy Chinchillas.

Good quality hay are must for our Fluffy Chinchillas. I personally love farm fresh hay from small pet select. They are really nutritious.

Although there are other types of grass available in the market like Alfalfa hay, Oats hay, etc. this hay contains an excess amount of calcium and fat, which is terrible for your Fluffy Chinchilla health. Also, make sure that your Fluffy Chinchilla has enough hay at all times. Lack of hay in their diet can upset their digestive system and make them ill, which can also adversely affect their lifespan. So, provide fresh hay to your Fluffy Chinchilla daily.

As you have already understood the importance of hay in a Fluffy Chinchillas diet, you must also ensure that the hay provided to them are of good quality. Some cheap brands tend to mix a variety of hay to cut down on prices, that are not beneficial for our Fluffy Chinchilla. So, always ensure you provide them with good quality hay only. If you are looking to buy some good quality hay for your Fluffy Chinchillas, then you must check our recommended supply: Best hay for your Fluffy Chinchilla.

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