How much water does a Chinchilla need?

How much water does a Chinchilla need: Water is an essential part of the diet for any rodent pets like Chinchilla pet. We must always ensure that our Chinchillas have access to Clean and Fresh drinking water at all times. In this article, we are going to discuss What can Chinchillas drink? How much water does a Chinchilla need every day, what type of water should we give to our Chinchilla and much more?

how much water does a chinchilla need

Chinchillas can consume anywhere between 50ml to over 200ml of water every day. They require fresh and clean water all the time. Although, The amount of water they need does vary for every individual Chinchillas. You should always ensure that your Chinchilla has fresh water all the time. I have gone through a lot of guides and forums and have found a range of basic to some interesting questions people have in mind related to water and drinking habits of Chinchillas. So here I have covered all the kinds of stuff I have learned about them.

How much water do Chinchillas drink every day?

The consumption of water also depends upon their body weight. Usually, 20% of their weight is the amount of water they consume daily. Both extremes can be just fine as it all depends on one Chinchilla to another. The consumption of water by them depends on a lot of factors like:

  • Weather conditions
  • Indoor heating/cooling.
  • Diet etc.

So, it is totally fine even if your Chinchilla is drinking 60-80 ml of water or 200ml of water until and unless that is their regular consumption. But, if you see any significant change in water consumption, then you must immediately try to know the cause of the same and fix it.

Can Chinchillas drink tap water?

I often see people getting confused with whether they should give their Chinchilla distilled water, tap water, or any sort of special water made for the rodent. What I have learned is if you give your Chinchilla the water you can drink then its totally fine for them. You should never give your Chinchilla Tap water. If you want to use tap water, you need to invest into a water filter. Never give chinchillas tap water that hasn’t been filtered.

Can Chinchillas drink cold water?

You could give them somewhat cold water in scorching summer but try to stick with room temperature on any usual day. You should not provide them with warm water as they refuse to drink that at all. Your Chinchilla must NEVER be fed Alcohol, Aerated water, or anything Similar to it. Serving those may lead to fatal health issues or in the worse case, a Life threat for them.

Should I add any supplements to the water for my Chinchillas?

There are a ton of medicines and vitamin supplements that can be added to their water. However, do not add any sort of vitamin additives or minerals in the water because in most cases, they will try to avoid drinking much of it.

Avoiding water for long may lead to dehydration in them in the long run. Adding additives to water also make them a home for algae, which is a bad thing for your Chinchillas. Also adding any sort of medication to water is a bad idea because you cannot control the intake of water. Also, most of the medications are really bad in smell and taste so your Chinchilla will not even bother going near to it. The Chinchilla has double the number of taste buds as compared to Human. So, you cannot fool them that easily.

How should I provide water to my Chinchilla?

Provide your Chinchilla with water in a way they are comfortable with, and they can have access to it on all times. There are many different ways to provide them with fresh water, but the choice of it will be dependent upon your Chinchilla preference. You need to do some trials and see which system do they prefer the most.

Can Chinchillas drink water from Bottles?

The plastic and glass bottles are widely being used all around the world for providing water to the Chinchilla. Unfortunately, There is no leak proof and problem free bottle available in the world just yet so we must depend upon it in most cases.

Can Chinchillas drink water from Sippy Bottles?

Sippy bottles are excellent in comparison to standard bottles for any Chinchilla. It is much easier for them to drink water from this type of bottle as they simply need to raise the gib at the nozzle, and a continuous stream of water will start flowing in. Using sippy bottles will also lead to more water consumption as they need not struggle to do so as in the case of standard bottles. If given a choice any Chinchilla will lean towards this bottle more.

Can chinchillas drink out of a bowl?

Bowls are the easiest way to supply water to the Chinchillas. Always remember to use heavy ceramic bowls so that they cannot tip them over. Usually, Chinchillas tend to place their front paws in the bowl while drinking, which can lead to tip over if the dish is unsuitable for them. Younger Chinchillas who haven’t yet learned to drink from bottles must be provided with water in a bowl so that they do not suffer.

Also, the bowl makes it easier for them to drink as they can just get the water by dipping the head into it. But for some reason, Chinchillas does not like to drink water from Bowls. Bowls also have a significant disadvantage that the water is more prone to. The feces and food particles often get dropped in it and make water contaminated. So it is best to avoid it unless and until necessary. Sometimes when the Chinchilla is sick they and are unable to drink water from the bottle then they can be given a bowl to drink with.

How to get your chinchilla to drink water?

In young ages, Chinchillas tend to drink water from the bowls rather than bottles. It is always good to encourage them to drink from bottles as it is more hygienic. Do not worry, they will learn to feed on bottles by watching their parents and elders do the same. You can encourage this mostly by placing a small ceramic container just below the tip of the bottle.

Although you may need to change the water 3-4 times a day because a lot of feces and dirt will get accumulated into it. After some time you can place some bits of cucumber on the nozzles or anything else they like just to make them try it. Usually, within a few weeks, your Chinchillas will get used to it and will start drinking water from it. Alternatively, you can take the bottle in hand and put some treat in the nozzle and bring it near its mouth to get them started. Do not force this upon your Chinchilla as this may lead to even further worse situation in time to come. You will also stress them out a lot by doing so, which is not what we want to do.

We want positive reinforcement and not the negative one. Please fill fresh and clean water every day in the bottle even if not in use. Not changing the water daily will result in algae formation.

How to place water bottles in Chinchilla cage?

Although this might look like a fundamental question, it’s actually an important one because if your Chinchilla needs to stretch out to reach the water, they will be negatively enforced to drink much. Also having it too low will make them duck in for it again not something you want. Having the water bottle at the correct height is pretty essential and must be learned by beginners while starting out.

Although in general keeping the nozzle at the height of 1-2 inches works excellent, it is vital that you try other possibilities too. As not all Chinchillas are the same. I would recommend to put 2-3 bottles at a different height and see what works the best for you. Also having multiple bottles helps because if one gets blocked, the other one can be used.

How long can a chinchilla go without water?

A Chinchilla can live up to 72 hours without water. But sometimes they are seen living up to 48 hours provided it has enough vegetables to eat. Most of the water requirement of Chinchilla tends to be fulfilled by fresh veggies. So if you feed them a lot of veggies rich in the water they can live for a day or two without water too. Although we recommend having access to fresh and clean water all the time. If a Chinchilla doesn’t have enough water to drink for more than a day, it might lead to dehydration and liver problem in them. Also eating hay makes them more thirsty, so if only hay based diet is served to them with no water, than it may lead to a severe situation.

Should I Buy Filtered or low calcium water for my Chinchilla?

If you live in an area where there is hard water coming in your tap Maybe, then you must consider giving your Chinchilla filtered water. Many people Don’t realize that most of the calcium in the diet of Chinchillas come from water and not only pellets and veggies.

Providing your Chinchilla with water rich in calcium can lead to diseases like Bladder stones or sludge. You must always test your water before you start serving it to your Chinchillas. Some people also tend to buy Bottle water for Chinchilla without realizing that unlike said those bottles have high calcium content. It is best recommended to serve your Chinchilla with filtered water to avoid any possible health issues.

why isn’t my chinchilla drinking water?

Sometimes it is quite natural for a Chinchilla not to drink water at all. If you have fed him some good fresh veggies like cucumber etc. which have a high degree of fluids, it will fulfill its water needs.

You may notice whenever their vegetable intake goes up, their fluid needs to go down. This is quite natural and you should not worry much in such case. But, If you find some sudden changes in water intake without any change in diet, then you must look deeply.

If your Chinchilla is less active than usual, have its eyes closed more, If it is not responding well and also their diet has changed, then something surely is going wrong. If any of the above symptoms are seen, you must visit your vet as early as possible.

Sometimes if a Chinchilla is not drinking water then it could also be because of these reasons:-

  • The water bottle nozzle is clogged up with some uneaten food or any other particles. And they are unable to actually drink from it.
  • The water contains more of chlorine or some chemical which is causing the issue.
  • The bottle is not clean properly, leading to poor water quality thus avoiding the water.

Some quick tips you can try if you see the problem persist:-

  • Clean the water bottle properly at least twice a week and change it if necessary.
  • Check if the nozzle is blocked and clean it with a soft cotton bud.
  • Serve only filtered water that is free from any chemical or additives.
  • Rush to a vet as soon as possible in case the problem lasts for more than a day.

What are you doing right now?


Now stop. Go check your Chinchilla’s water bottle and see if it’s working correctly.

Yep, a few days back my girls didn’t have water. The new bottle is defective. It gives water for a second then the air gets trapped in the spout and poof no more water flow. I have been busy so I only checked for empty bottles, you know, chins only drink so much.

I feel bad. I have been caught up in my own world and caring for Grumpy, I slipped up. Moral of this post? Check your water bottles often. It could have been much worse.

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