How To Get My Chinchilla to eat Hay?

How To Get My Chinchilla to eat Hay: Chinchillas are fond of eating. They eat different varieties of food items, Hay being the primary food of them. Hay is fed to Chinchillas regularly. Chinchillas, too, like eating Hay, so it’s a matter of concern if your pet stops eating Hay. Many owners often wonder how to get their Chinchillas to eat Hay. So, here is what you must know about it.

How To Get My Chinchilla to eat Hay

Chinchillas need a variety in their diet as they get bored with the same food. So, it is crucial to bring a change to their taste buds. The interest can be stimulated by changing the brand or adding something with Hay. Make sure you offer fresh Hay only as your Chinchillas can reject old Hay.

What Vegetables Can Chinchillas Eat?

How To Get My Chinchilla to eat Hay

Hay should not be an essential part of Chinchillas diet, as it is not a part of their natural diet. Still, a Chinchillas refusing to eat Hay all of a sudden is something unusual. You should look for the cause of change in the diet.

Do Chinchillas need to eat Hay?

Chinchillas mostly need hay during their young age. Hay is rich in calcium and protein, and also rich in calories. All these things are essential for any growing baby. Bodyweight is gained with the help of Hay. The muscle mass is also developed with the protein present in the Hay.

Still, unlimited hay and a cup of veggies are more critical than pellets. Hay is the best food diet that Chinchillas love to eat. Just as hay play a vital part in other pet’s diets, we consider the same for our Chinchillas. However, the reality is far from this.

As the Chinchillas grows, the intake of hay is increased as further mass addition is not required. hay contain a high amount of calories, which results in an excessive gain in weight. Overweight will be a problem for adult Chinchillas. The requirement of calcium and protein is reduced for the mature Chinchilla. The bones are developed, and muscle mass is also built.

So, excess hay will result in the deposition of calcium and a high level of protein in the body. That will hurt the health of the Chinchilla. The adult Chinchilla is provided with more hay instead of hay, as they need more fiber than other nutrients.

Best Hay for your Chinchilla

The Hay which you will be feeding to your Chinchilla should be safe and healthy for them. You will find various qualities of hay in the market. Few are better than the others. hay, along with dried fruits and nuts should be avoided. Chinchillas are very keen to choose the tasty foods, so they will pick the fruits and nuts, and leave the healthy hay.

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Chinchilla Hay TypeHay VarietyCan Chinchilla Eat?
Timothy hayA grass hay made from dried timothy grass (Phleum pratense). Easily the most popular chinchilla hay.Yes (100%)
Alfalfa hayMade from dried alfalfa/lucerne (Medicago sativa)Yes, in small quantities
Meadow hayMade from a variety of grasses.Yes (supplement to Timothy hay)
Orchard grass hayMade from cat grass (Dactylis glomerata).Yes (supplement to Timothy hay)
Oat hayMade from the grass that oats are harvested from, but they’re harvested before the oats fully form.Yes, in small quantities
Bermuda hayMade from scutch grass (Cynodon dactylon).Yes (supplement to Timothy hay)

How To Get My Chinchilla to eat Hay?

The best hay suitable for a Chinchillas should have the following qualities:

  1. Freshly packed: Hay can easily be attacked by fungus and turn moldy. So, storing Hay for a more extended period is not a good idea. You can keep it in storage for six weeks. Care should be taken while storing Hay that should be kept in a dry and cool place.
  2. Fiber: More fiber, the better are the Hay. At least one-fifth of the Hay should be fiber. Higher fiber content is even better.
  3. Protein: Check the protein content of the Hay, young chinchillas will need a higher content of protein while the adult chinchillas need more fiber.
  4. Other minerals: Calcium & Phosphorous are essential for chinchillas, but if consumed in higher levels, than they may cause health problems.

My chinchilla won’t eat hay

Chinchillas are incredibly fond of eating, and they can eat much more than their size. It doesn’t mean they will eat anything and everything. They are very selective about their diet. A dish that was a favorite of Chinchillas till recently can no more be enticing for your Chinchilla. A Chinchilla may suddenly stop eating Hay. It is their nature to reject food which they wanted a day before. If the chinchilla not eating Hay then try to add variety, mixing 5 different hay sacks.

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