how to keep a chinchilla happy

7 Proven Ways To Keep A Chinchilla Happy

Chinchillas have become popular pets in recent years. Not knowing exactly how to care for your Chinchilla can make it difficult for the owner to look after…

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Chinchilla Leg Muscle Problems

Chinchilla Leg Muscle Problems (Broken Leg, Bumblefoot, Weak, Amputation)

Chinchilla leg problems are prevalent and one of the most common problems in chinchillas. Every chinchilla has to face the leg problems once in a lifetime. It…

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Pet Insurance for Chinchillas

Pet Insurance for Chinchillas: Is it Worth?

Pet Insurance for Chinchillas: Insurance is one of the essential need for human beings especially to recover from the losses. We all know, In countries like USA,…

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are chinchillas hypoallergenic pets

Are chinchillas hypoallergenic pets? Tips for Chinchilla allergies!

If you are leaving with a pet in your house, then you should know whether your pet is causing any health issue to your family members. The…

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chinchilla essentials list

Chinchilla Essentials List: A Complete Owner Checklist

Chinchilla Essentials List: If you ended up on this page, it means you are looking for the best supplies for your Chinchillas. We all know small pets…

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Are Chinchillas Marsupials

Are Chinchillas Marsupials?

Are Chinchillas Marsupials? Is this your question..? then take a look into the complete page. A marsupial is a mammal that belongs to the infraclass Metatheria, sometimes…

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how much water does a chinchilla need

How much water does a Chinchilla need?

How much water does a Chinchilla need: Water is an essential part of the diet for any rodent pets like Chinchilla pet. We must always ensure that our…

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what vegetables can chinchillas eat

What Vegetables Can Chinchillas Eat?

What Vegetables Can Chinchillas Eat: Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains in South America, and their diet in the wild consists mostly of hay, grass, and…

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Chinchilla Vet List

Chinchilla Vet List: (+Address, Contact details)

Chinchilla Vet List: Chinchillas are the very sensitive animals and they would have been faced many problems during their entire life span. Knowing the best vets before…

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common health problems in chinchillas

List of Common Health Problems in Chinchillas

Common Health Problems in Chinchillas: Chinchillas can suffer due to various types of health-related disorders. Knowledge of such health problems is vital for better care management of…

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