Why do Chinchillas Bite Their Cage?

Why do Chinchillas Bite Their Cage: Have you ever come across a question “Why do Chinchillas Bite Their Cage” or why always they are trying to chew their cage bars and wondered why they do so? Is it something natural? Do they do so because they need something? As a curious Chinchilla owner, I researched why Chinchillas bite the cage, and here is what I found out!

why do chinchillas bite their cage

Chinchillas sometimes bite their cages that can be due to of many factors that can trigger that behavior in Chinchillas, and we need to look at them carefully to find out the cause so that we can prevent them from biting the cage bars. Although chinchilla biting their cages sometimes is a natural behavior, there is no need to be worry about it. But if you notice them biting the cage bars all the time, then you might need to investigate Why do Chinchillas Bite Their Cage.

Is it normal for Chinchillas to Bite their cage?

Yes, it is normal behavior for Chinchillas Bite Their Cage or chew on their cages. However, we must discourage them from doing so because the metal bars might end up hurting their teeth or lips. Also, some cheap quality cages are painted with chemical paints, which can cause some health issues when ingested. Although your Chinchilla might chew the cage bars sometimes, if they are doing so frequently, we might need to do something about it. So, how can we discourage them from chewing the cage bars? For this, we first need to find the cause of why they are doing so.

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Reasons for “Why do Chinchillas Bite Their Cage?”

If your Chinchillas biting the cages regularly, then there might be something we need to worry about. A lot of factors can trigger this behavior in small rodents like Chinchillas, so let us have a look and find out why your Chinchillas are biting the cage:

Maintain Chinchilla teeth:

Chinchillas have an ever-growing tooth that needs to be worn down to keep them healthy. If the tooth starts overgrowing, then your Chinchilla might have trouble eating & drinking. So, to keep them worn out, Chinchillas chew on many things like veggies, hay, cardboard boxes, plastic, chew toys, and even metal bars if they don’t have enough stuff to eat on. Some Chinchillas chew plastic and metal just because they like to do so, while others do that to keep their teeth worn out.

Small Habitats:

Chinchillas need a reasonably large cage to live. The minimum recommended cage size is around eight sq. feet, and if your Chinchillas doesn’t have a decent size cage with enough space to eat, play, and exercise, then they might want to get out of it. Most commercial pet store cages are far too small for our Chinchillas, and they will feel uneasy living in one. So, Chinchillas will also bite their cage bars when they don’t have enough living space in their cage.

Boredom and lack of stimulation:

Even though Chinchillas not much active animals; they need to keep themselves busy in some activity to remain happy. If your Chinchilla is bored of its usual routines and there is nothing new happening in their lives, they will start biting the cage. Sometimes having nothing to play with or less area to move around makes them lethargic, which also triggers this habit.

Provide Enough Food

Chinchillas need an unlimited amount of hay, followed by a cup of veggies daily. If your Chinchillas don’t get enough food daily, then they might start biting their cage. Although such circumstances are a rare occurrence, it is still possible.

Chinchilla Attenstion Seeking

Some Chinchillas start biting their cage when they get a glimpse of their owners. Whenever Chinchillas are looking for their owner’s attention, they will do such activities if they don’t get it. Also, if your Chinchilla knows they are going to get a treat from you, then they might bite the cage out of excitement too.

Possible Solutions:

Now let us have a look into some of the possible solutions to keep your Chinchillas away from biting their cages and as well as cage accessories. Chinchillas have an instinct to chew things on. If you could provide some good quality chinchilla chew toys then your Chinchillas will start chewing those and leave the cage bars alone. Please make sure you get Chinchilla safe chew toys for them as all toys available in the market are not suitable for your Chinchillas.

Get a larger cage:

If you are a first-time Chinchilla parent, you might be wondering how much space will those cute little chinchillas need in cages. But trust me, they will grow pretty big quickly, and if you happen to have a chinchilla store cage, then they are going to outgrow it just a few months itself. Chinchillas need a minimum of 8 sq. feet area to live happily. chinchillas need a dedicated space in their cage for eating, hiding, and playing. If you have a smaller chinchilla enclosure, they might not be okay with it and thus will start chewing their cage bars. So, get a enough habitat for your chinchillas.

Provide Chinchillas Toys:

The best way to stop chinchillas biting their cages is by providing some of the best toys available online that they can chew.

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